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Join production wizard Larry Holcombe for an in-depth look at three time-based effects from D16’s Silverline collection: Spacerek, Toraverb 2, and Tekturon. If you’re tired of just scrolling presets or spending too much time hunting for a sound, this is the D16 video course for you! You’ll learn how to coax all types of sounds—from practical to experimental and everything in between—quickly and with authority, so you can save valuable time and improve your workflow. These D16 videos are designed for new D16 Silverline users.

After welcoming you to the course, Larry begins by focusing on Spacerek, a virtual space reverb with quite a bit of flexibility under the hood. First, you’ll learn all about the interface and feature layout, and then explore early/late reflections, pre-delay, and the reverb models. This is followed by a look at the mid-side feature, tilt EQ, and low-cut control.

Next, Larry explores the versatile Toraverb 2, beginning with the pre-delay (time syncable) and early/late reflections and moving on to the remaining parameters, such as the EQ section, panning, mid-side balance, the built-in sidechain compression, and more. The D16 Silverline course continues on to examine Tekturon, a multi-tap, sequenced delay with 16 independent delay lines. You’ll learn all about the time grid, shuffle, pan, feedback, and filtering features, along with the master filter section, which allows the global offset of filter cutoff positions for different delay lines. Larry wraps things up by demonstrating all three effects in action in an actual production.

These effects from D16 allow for huge exploratory potential, and this D16 Silverline video course will show you all you need to know to take full advantage of their impressive sonic palettes. Whether you’re just looking for some workhorse applications or you’d like to create your own inimitable ambient soundscapes, Larry has you covered! Check out the individual D16 Silverline video tutorial descriptions for more info on all that’s covered in this D16 course. Become a master of time and space… Watch “D16 Silverline Delays & Reverbs Explained®” today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to sample the various reverb models in Spacerek and perfectly tailor the sound with the reflection, pre delay, mid-side, tilt EQ, and low cut controls
-Creating lush, complex modulate reverbs with Toraverb 2, including mid-side and sidechain compression features along with time-syncable pre delays
-How to build near infinitely complex delay effects with Tekturon, a multi-tap sequenced delay with 16 independent delay lines
-Strategies for various uses of all three effects in an actual music production
-And more!

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