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Join veteran Groove 3 instructor Gary Hiebner for an in-depth look at all the new features and updates included with Cubase 13. If you like to improve your workflow and/or adopt new tools whenever possible, this Cubase course is an absolute must-see. You’ll learn all about tons of new tips and features that will save time, make things easier, and let you spend more time on what counts: creating great music! Not to mention, you’ll learn about new effects plug-ins, virtual instruments, and more. These videos are designed for new Cubase 13 users.

Gary starts off with the major overhaul to Cubase’s MixConsole, explaining the new design, the significant changes, and the additions to the channel strips. You’ll learn about Channel View (a minimal version of MixConsole for selected channels), how to swap a channel between stereo and mono, and more.

Next, he explores the Key Editor and demonstrates the new Range tool, which makes selecting and editing multiple notes much easier, and shows how you can now view multiple parts and edit them simultaneously. Then, you’ll learn how the Visibility agents allow you to quickly jump around to different parts within the Key Editor.

There’s much more to come, including Black Valve Compressor (a new emulation of an analog-style compressor), EQ-P1A and EQ-M5 (new emulations of famous EQs), VoxComp (a one-knob compressor specifically designed for vocals), Vocal Chain (a chain of dedicated vocal effects in one easy-to-use plug-in), Steinberg Vocoder, Chord Pads (redesigned to work more efficiently), Shaper Modes/Spectral Modes (for use in the Sampler track and Audio Warp section, respectively), MIDI plug-in updates, and much more!

Cubase 13 users will not want to miss this course! After watching, you’ll be up-to-date with all the exciting upgrades and ready to implement them in your workflow on your very next production. See the individual Cubase 13 video tutorial descriptions for more information and ways in which these updates will improve your workflow and creative vision. Stay ahead of the curve … watch “Cubase 13: New Features & Updates Explained®” now!

What you will learn:

-All the new design updates and features within MixConsole

-Time-saving editing shortcuts and tips for use within the Key Editor

-Feature sets and usage tips for several new effect plug-ins (Black Valve Compressor, EQ-P1A, EQ-M5, VoxComp, Vocal Chain, Vocoder)

-New MIDI additions: MIDI plug-ins update, MIDI input functionality upgrades, etc.

-And much more!

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