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If you’re not a fan of the mouse, a control surface will likely put a smile on your face. But how about one that comes with a set of amazing plug-ins that rival the best gear in pro studios around the world? That’s what you get with Softube’s Console 1 Channel Mk III, and in this Console 1 Channel Mk III video course, Groove3 instructor Scott Fritz will walk you through each section and feature of this formidable tool, from basic setup to full DAW integration and more. By the end, you’ll be ready to chuck your mouse and make Console 1 Channel Mk III the centerpiece of your studio. These videos are designed for new users of Console 1 Channel Mk III.

Scott begins by welcoming you and giving a brief overview of what’s included in the Console 1 platform, which will help bring into focus everything this incredible unit can do, highlighting the differences between this iteration and the previous ones. Then you’ll learn all you need to know to get started on your first session with Console 1, including how to set it up and get it working perfectly in your system, regardless of your choice of DAW.

Next, you’ll get an in-depth tour of the unit’s layout, so you’ll know not only where everything is located but also how thoughtfully it’s been engineered from an ergonomics standpoint. Then the real fun starts, and you’ll learn how to make use of Console 1’s editing features, various plug-in states, and other convenient highlights.

Throughout the remainder of the course, you’ll learn all about the other functionality, such as the presets (accessing, managing, etc.), Tape/Preamp section (for adding saturation and more), Filter section, Shape section (transient shaping, gating, etc.), Equalizer section (two EQ types: modern and vintage), Compressor section (buss, FET, and OPTO), Drive section (adding punch and character), and more!

Once you get your hands on the Console 1 Channel Mk III, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. With this Console 1 video course, you’ll get over the learning curve quickly and easily and be ready to fully implement it in your very next production! Check out the individual Console 1 Channel Mk III video tutorial descriptions for more information on what this unit can do and ways that you can use it in your own workflow. Take hands-on control of your session and get pro results like never before… watch “Console 1 Channel Mk III: Getting Started” today!

What You Will Learn:

-Layout of controls and features and differences from previous versions

-How to load, save, and create your own presets for a variety of functions

-Using the built-in editing features that significantly cut down on mouse use

-How to sculpt your sound to perfection with the six processing sections: Tape/Preamp, Filter, Shape, Equalizer, Compressor, and Drive

-And more

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