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If you’ve always felt a bit confused about compression, limiting, expansion, and other dynamic processors, look no further. In this audio dynamics video course, processing guru Alberto Schettino breaks down the topic of dynamics like never before, so you’ll come away with a deep, thorough understanding that will serve you well for the rest of your musical career. Specifically, you’ll learn about four major concepts related to dynamics – compression, limiting, expansion, and side-chaining – including explanations about their various parameters and practical tips and techniques for using them effectively. These videos are created for those new to the subject of dynamics.

Alberto begins by welcoming you and discussing the aim and focus of the course, so you’ll know what you can expect to glean. After that, he starts with the most common dynamics processor of all: the compressor. From threshold to attack/release, make-up gain, and more, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this ubiquitous effect that’s used as often for its tonal-shaping qualities as it is its utilitarian ones.

Next up, explore the world of expanders and noise gates, including the difference between the two, a breakdown of their parameters, and several possible usage scenarios where you might reach for one or both. From stage to studio, the often-overlooked and under-utilized effects are real problem-solvers in more ways than one.

The dynamics video course also covers the same ground for limiters (critical in the mixing and mastering stage, among other uses) and the technique of side-chaining (useful for musical effects, in voiceover work, and much more). Alberto finishes up with a video dedicated to many practical examples that put each topic covered into practice so you’ll hear the real-world effect each one has in various scenarios.

This is your chance to learn what these processors and techniques do backwards and forwards, once and for all! There’s no need to shy away from these audio production staples anymore. Check out the individual audio dynamics video descriptions for more information. It’s time to finally get a grasp on dynamics and learn all the ways it can benefit your productions… watch “Back to Basics – Dynamics” today!

What You Will Learn:

-Why we use dynamics processors and what they’re capable of

-Parameters and practical uses for compression, including level control and tone-shaping

-Parameters and practical uses for expansion and gating, including reducing noise, increasing dynamic range, and more

-Parameters and practical uses for limiters, such as generating loudness, achieving balance, and others

-Parameters and practical uses for side-chaining, such as pumping effects, ducking, etc.

-And more!

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