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If you’re looking for some great-sounding vintage-flavored drums for your productions, ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER will certainly fit the bill. And, in this ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER video course, Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe will quickly get you up to speed on this virtual instrument and have you building professional-sounding drum tracks in no time. From selecting kits or individual drums, to adding effects and more, it’s all covered here, with many audio demonstrations along the way. These videos are for new ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER users.

Larry begins by welcoming you to the course and explaining the basic layout of the interface, demonstrating how quickly you can start generating grooves. Then he moves to the Kit page, where you’re able to choose between the two different kits included in the plugin, mixing and matching between the two and tweaking the various parameters available.

The Mixer tab is covered next, where you’ll see how to blend the various mics (overhead, room, close, etc.) and adjust the stereo blend of the drums. From mono drums hard panned to one side to a full stereo spread, the Mixer tab gives you full control in this regard.

Plenty more follows, including effects (reverb, EQ, transient shaping, compression, and tape saturation – not to mention four different effects routings), grooves (accessing the library of included grooves, fills, beat variations, and auxiliary percussion), Options page (setting up velocity and other parameters for the desired playability), and more. You’ll finish off with Larry building a drum track from scratch, combining recorded beats with a MIDI keyboard with other pre-made grooves and loops, so you can see exactly how it’s done.

If you want to use ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER in your productions, you need this ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER video course! By the end of these lessons, you’ll be ready to start building stunningly real-sounding drum tracks with confidence and ease. See the individual ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER video descriptions for more information on the contents of each, and for ideas about how you can make this virtual instrument work for you in your next production. Great-sounding drums are within your grasp… watch “ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMMER Explained®” today!

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