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Grimey Acoustic Kits Vol.1 WAV

Grimey Acoustic Kits Vol.1 WAV
Size – 443 MB

The history of hip-hop 99 percent of every classic beat has one thing in common, it has drum sounds lifted from drum breaks from vinyl and then chopped and processed with some type of sampler. This is the core of every dope drum kit ever featured on any sick authentic beat ever made. The issue is there are only so many breaks on so many records, at some point you can assume that every drum you lift off vinyl has been used before and thats where grimey acoustic kits come in. We expertly record 52 different variations of 17 different drumkits, with boutique mic’s and preamps to world class A/D conversion. However the focus was not on clarity and capturing pretty little perfect drumsets, insitead we focused on capturing them with character and tonality similar to the breaks we have all sampled so much. The result is a wonderful collection of all new never before sampled kits filled with buttery character and harmonics and just enough noise and vinyl emulation to trick your ears into thinking it was a break all along! A perfect mix of transient clarity, tube and various analog flavor topped off with a sick vinyl emulation algorithm. It is in standard 16-Bit 44.1 Khz WAV Format and can be used in any software or hardware. This Kit Includes:

Product Details:

52 Grimey Acoustic Whole Kits
54 Grimey Acoustic Kicks
104 Grimey Acoustic Snares
52 Grimey Acoustic Cymbals
104 Grimey Acoustic Closed Hats
52 Grimey Acoustic Open Hats
103 Grimey Acoustic Rides
52 Grimey Acoustic Room Splashes&Toms
10 Grimey Acoustic Room Drum Loops

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