GForce Axxess v1.0.0 Incl Keygen (WiN and macOS)-R2R

GForce Axxess v1.0.0 | 95.00 MB

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GForce AXXESS is a quick and easy way to get stunning results in your production and it is a master at bass. It has a fantastic giant sound and a super fun sequencer that will surprise you.

Whilst you can keep things simple, don’t let its looks deceive you. You can also go much deeper, thanks to our unique X-Modifiers. They make it simpler and quicker to program complex sounds.

AXXESS lends itself superbly to Electronica, Cinematic, Synthpop, Dance, Ambient, Rock, Prog Rock, Hip Hop and more.

AXXESS retains the warm analogue sound and fundamental architecture at the heart of the original 1975 AXXE, but builds on it in ways that extend its sonic and musical capabilities. This emulation of the famous synth is the sibling of our award-winning Oddity3 and inherited its character.

AXXESS features an efficient Preset Browser, over 350 new presets, a new sub-oscillator, an arpeggiator and a straightforward 16-step sequencer, biting distortion, analogue delay and luscious Reverb effects, a Vintage control to add authentic analogue imperfections, velocity to filter and VCA for expressivity and a fully scalable UI designs.

Augmented yet faithful software recreation of a 1975 classic analogue synth
Over 350 presets
Fully-scalable UI
Efficient Preset Browser
New Sub-Oscillator
Arpeggiator and straightforward 16-step sequencer
Distortion, Analogue Stereo Delay & Matrix Reverb effects
Vintage knob for authentic analogue imperfections
Unison, Monophonic, Monophonic Legato, and Polyphonic modes
Vast modulation options via X-Modifiers
Pan spread for wide stereo sounds

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