Echo Sound Works – Loft Piano Update 3 KONTAKT LiBRARY

Echo Sound Works – Loft Piano | 1.84 GB

If the Loft Piano doesn’t become one of your top 5 favorite piano libraries, let us and know and we will issue you a refund.

The Loft Piano is an exquisitely sampled upright grand piano. Sampled in, you guessed it, a loft. It’s a perfect Kontakt piano for a wide range of genres. We love using it for bedroom pop (Billie Eilish vibes anyone?) as well as Future Bass, House, Hip Hop, and of course, Film Score.

We wanted to create a piano that is part character and part studio. Most piano plugins or piano Kontakt libraries are either one or the other.

Character pianos often only work in a limited range of songs while the more versatile pianos can sound stale and boring.

The Loft Piano for Kontakt can be either. It comes with 5 Snap Shots for Kontakt so you can easily access 5 distinct and unique versions of the piano. We’ve also created a soft patch as a

  • We used two large diaphragm condenser microphones (Nuemann UI 87) and two pencil condensers to capture the source recordings. Over 1,500 samples.
  • We cleaned up any unwanted imperfections for each individual sample. 
  • The Loft Piano does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best, make music. The custom KSP script handles round robin and allows you to control the most important elements of the piano’s sound.

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