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Emergence Audio Infinite Steel Tongue KONTAKT

Emergence Audio Infinite Steel Tongue | 983.00 MB

At the heart of this instrument lies a deep curiosity about the transformative power of sound. By harnessing the creative potential of our intuitive Infinite Motion Engine™ we have crafted a one-of-a-kind collection of evolving pads and textures that challenge the boundaries of conventional sound design. With its capacity for surprise and its unending well of inspiration, this library is poised to become a cornerstone of your sonic toolkit.

In order to create these meticulously crafted samples from a steel tongue drum, Michael Vignola our founder and multi-award-winning film composer, drew upon a wealth of experience and expertise gained over two decades in the music industry.

Infinite Steel Tongue is an excellent choice for adding depth and motion to any track, and is suitable for a wide range of musical styles and genres. including film, television and game scoring, contemporary era music, neo-classical music, ambient music, drone music, sound design, trailer music, new age/meditation music, and much more.

Non-Static Sampling™ is an approach developed by founder Michael Vignola that introduces a constantly evolving and unpredictable quality into a sonic environment, adding depth and realism. Rather than simply relying on a static and predetermined sample, this technique infuses each note sampled with subtle and unique variations in the performance that preserves the natural complexity and richness of live instrumentation. This keeps the listener engaged and the audio feeling fresh, emotive, and dynamic. We believe when combining this technique with our Infinite Motion Engine™ we have created a powerful and innovative new tool that allows users to instantly elevate their audio productions to new levels of authenticity and artistry.



Go deeper with our FX section’s top-shelf convolution reverbs and attenuverter options that bring next level control.

– 991 MB Installed
– Infinite Motion Engine™
– Non-Static Sampling™
– 110+ presets
– 100+ parameters to customize your own sound
– 5 curated preset categories
– Convolution reverb with 50+ top-shelf impulse responses
– 10 effects and randomizer
– Unique collection of evolving pads and textures
– 24bit 48kHz samples
– Midi learn/automation for all controls
– New and expanded NKS mapping


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