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EDM Ghost Production – Ultimate Psytrance WAV MiDi

EDM Ghost Production – Ultimate Psytrance | 872.00 MB

We are very proud to present you with our ‘Ultimate Psytrance’ sample pack.

This sample pack was produced by Somnia. One of the leading, emerging psytrance producers. After countless club and festival appearances like Tomorrowland, he finally had time to get his unique sample library together. Taking him one year to record and create fresh new sounds.

We’ve gone through numerous sample pack revisions to make sure that you’ll only get top-notch inspiring sounds. None of the loops and samples are there just to fill in the size of a sample pack. It’s a perfect essential toolkit for every psytrance producer out there.

Take my word, it’s the only sample pack you need to get those blasting psychedelic tracks straight out of your DAW.

‘Ultimate Psytrance’ is 100% royalty-free and covers all styles of ‘Psytrance’ productions and includes:

• Massive mantra vocals both dry and wet.

• Amazing bassline loops provided in three psytrance sub-genres: progressive, full-on, and EDM-ish psy.

• Each note of the various bass one-shot timbres was exported as a separate sound. This way you’ll have total control over the bass when you drag it into a sampler.

• You’ll be blown away by hundreds of drum one-shots and loops. Dancefloor-ready kicks, snares, cymbals, hats, percussions with cinematic loops and fills that will serve you as a great foundation to the groove.

• Big FX and signature triggered-FX for build-ups will serve you great atmosphere fillers.

• A Massive selection of synth loops such as acid loops, EDM synth loops, full-on arps, glitch synth fills, live instruments, psy sequences, talking sequences, and zaps is outstanding!

• Double it with synth one-shots and create mind-melting tracks!

• We’ve also covered you with a bunch of midi files to get a better understanding of the melodic structure of this genre.

Sample pack size is 1.4 Gb containing:

27 Vocal Loops
9 EDM-Psy Bass Loops
10 Full-On Psy Bass Loops
10 Progressive Psy Bass Loops
134 Bass One-Shots
10 Acid Synth Loops
14 EDM Synth Loops
8 Full-On Arps
25 Glitch Synth Fills
5 Live Instrument Loops
10 Psytrance Sequences
33 Songstarter Loops
10 Talking Sequences
25 Synth One-Shots
10 Drum Fills
11 Cinematic Drum Loops
25 Full Drum Loops
25 Hat Loops
22 Kick Clap Loops
20 Percussion Loop
10 Big Snares
20 Snares
15 Closed Hats
6 Crashes
10 Drop Noise Impacts
80 KickMakers
18 Kicks
10 Open Hats
20 Percussions
10 Atmospheres
10 Impacts
10 Laser Blasts
10 Noises
9 Long Rises
10 Medium Rises
7 Sweeps
10 Trigger FX

Samples are recorded at 44.100kHz 24-bit WAV in various bpm: 138, 140, 142, and 145.


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