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Create Great Mixes Anytime, Anywhere, and In Any Format
Enter your perfect virtual mix room and produce in any format, anytime and anywhere with headphones. Don’t be limited by room acoustics and missing multi-channel speaker setups.

Perfect Acoustic
Access your perfect virtual mix room everywhere through your headphones.

All Speaker Setups
Monitor any common speaker setup from stereo up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6.

Know How It Transfers
Skip the car test and check your productions in 11 different environments. It’s not a big secret; creating a great mix is so much easier within a perfect control room. Everyone, at some point, has probably experienced when a final mix has not translated as expected to other systems.

With dearVR MONITOR, you get access to your own virtual reference-grade mix room over headphones. Don’t limit yourself anymore by poor room acoustics or missing speaker setups.

Ideal Mix Room Models
dearVR MONITOR combines the analytic advantages of headphone listening, such as high detail resolution and good spatial representation, with the perception of mixing in a perfectly matched mix room.

Don’t get disturbed anymore by surrounding noise and focus on your production. Discover Dear Reality’s outstanding virtual acoustics headphone technology delivering you a personal acoustic reference you can rely on. Anytime and anywhere.

Immersive Mixes Ready To Ship
Don’t worry if you don’t have a multi-channel speaker setup in your mix room. With dearVR MONITOR, you can choose between all common speaker setups from stereo up to 9.1.6 or 13.1.

Just grab your headphones and start producing and mixing immersive audio tracks like Dolby ATMOS today.

Adaptable Room Acoustics
It becomes your perfect control room when you feel comfortable with the room’s features and perception. With dearVR MONITOR, you quickly adapt the virtual mix room to your taste and needs using the AMBIENCE and the FOCUS parameter. Set the right amount of diffusion and, therefore, the vividness of the mix room with Ambience. Select the perfect level between overall colouration and localization based on the patented Clarity algorithm by Sennheiser AMBEO.

11 Realistic Listening Environments
Stop spending hours double-checking how your mix translates into common listening scenarios. dearVR MONITOR puts you just a few clicks away from monitoring your production in 11 different acoustic environments like Club, Car, Cinema, Living Room, and many more.

Spatial Headphone Compensation
Activate the built-in Headphone Compensation (SHC) and start making solid mixes with an accuracy that you won’t find anywhere else. Compensating for the characteristics of individual headphone models, Dear Reality’s SHC applies the optimal adjustments to support a model-independent accurate simulation of listening environments.

Dear Reality’s unique technology currently supports the 45 most used professional studio headphones. Each model has been carefully optimized by the Dear Reality team.


Reference-grade Mix Room
For stereo and multi-channel productions

Ideal Mix Room Models
Choose from 5 ideal mix room models (Mix Room A, Mix Room B, Mix Room Large, Analytic Dry, Analytic Position)

Adjustable Acoustic
Easily adjust the acoustic characteristics of your mix room using the AMBIENCE slider

Head Rotation
Support for head tracking

Multi-channel Speaker Setups
Support of all common speaker setups for immersive audio productions, including height layers, like 7.1.4 up to 9.1.6

Common Listening Environments
Double-check your mix in 11 typical listening environments (Live Venue, Stadium, Acoustic Venue, Club Large, Club, Car, Van, Cinema, Home Theater, Living Room, Kitchen)

Reduced Spectral Colorization
Unrivalled FOCUS parameter to reduce spectral colourisations including patented Clarity algorithm by Sennheiser AMBEO

Easy-to-use graphic interface showing the selected loudspeaker format


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