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Dark Intervals Irish Lyre Harp | 358.00 MB

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Very simple, yet very exotic sounding library sampled in 6 velocity layers.
​This instrument is complementary with various celtic string instruments, so it can be a valuable add-on to your existing library.
Containing two round-robins, three tone positions, prerecorded up and down arpeggios and 5 percussive hits, there is pretty much you can achieve with it.
Our philosophy is to create ready-to-go inspiration tool, therefore, interface is very simple and intuitive, so you will be able to start composing immediately, without having to dig deep inside sub-menus and miss your moment of inspiration.

​IRISH LYRE HARP has 10 strings which are sampled as:
a, b, c1, d1, e1, f1, g1, a1, b1, c2.

However, we extended the range below to e, and up to f1, to give it more playability and to make this instrument more usable and versatile. Stretching quality is very high, so you will not notice any artificial sound, nor will you have
any issues using it in the full range. Sharpen (or flattened) tones are also added with stretching process.
Instrument is sampled with two microphones, but there is also added noise layer (which randomly adds various artefacts, such as scratch or player noise), which can be easily turned off.

– 800 samples
– 48000 khz, 24-bit quality
– 780 MB unzipped size
​- 6 velocity layers, 2 round-robins
– 3 tone positions


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How To Download - Tutorial