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7 Premium Trap Sample Packs Overview

PHANTOM: Melody Collection
Placement Ready Trap Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Lil Baby, Young Thug & More
PHANTOM dives into the heavy hitting sound of modern Trap, pulling inspiration from artists like Young Thug, Lil Baby, Gunna, Nardo Wick, and more.
The top Trap producers on our team crafted these melodies with record placements in mind, delivering on a variety of loops that match the energy of top billboard charting hits.
Each of these loops capture a dark & brooding aesthetic sonically, perfectly pairable with punchy drums and heavy 808s.

BANSHEE: Drum Loop Collection
Mix-Ready Drum Loops Inspired by Chart Topping Trap Records
Our Trap team programmed & mixed a wide selection of drum loops to pair up with the Melody Loops inside PHANTOM.
Similar to their approach for the Melodies, they pulled inspiration from the biggest songs & artists in the game to dial in these drum loops.
This includes a wide array of hard hitting, placement ready drum bounces, plus stem layers included to give you full creative control.

SHADOW: Drum One Shot Collection
Crisp & Punchy Drum One Shots Optimized For Hard Hitting Trap
SHADOW delivers on a new pack of modern Trap inspired Drum One Shots, pre-processed to slice right through the mix.
This includes everything from heavy hitting Trap Kicks, Snares, Rims, Claps, Hihats, Cymbals, Percs, and more.
We made sure that every sound inside was good to go straight out of the box, so there isn’t much additional processing you’ll need with these drums.

REVENANT: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
Industry Level Hihat Bounces Designed For Heavy Hitting Modern Trap
REVENANT includes a variety of Hihat patterns to instantly inspire new ideas and establish a hit record sounding bounce.
Our Trap producers spent extra time crafting each of these patterns, with a placement ready sound in mind for the end results.
Drag them in as is, chop them up, or customize the MIDI files to fit your idea for whatever type of track you’re going for.

WRAITH: Percussion Loop Collection
Textural Percussion Loops For Instant Character & Bounce On Any Track
Nothing adds bounce and depth to your drums or melodies quite like a percussion texture.
We put this pack together to help you spice up your tracks, whether it’s to help your drums stand out, texturize your melodies, etc.
Each of these are mixed in a way that compliments the rest of the sounds in your track, so they are perfect for adding that final “sauce” to your mix.

GHOUL: 808 & Bass Collection
Gritty & Heavy Low End Samples Designed To Slice Through Any Mix
These 808 & bass samples carry a ton of character and grit, designed for producing heavy hitting Trap records. .
We included a wide variety of bass styles inside, with everything from heavy 808s, Donks and Reese basses.
Our team field tested each of these bass samples within the context of full tracks, so they are mix-ready straight out of the box.

SPECTER: FX Collection
Unique FX Samples For Adding Energy & Building Transitions
SPECTER delivers unique FX sounds to help fill out any “empty” spaces in your tracks and overall add character to your mix.
This pack includes everything from Cinematic Style Impacts, Risers, Tonal Ambience, and more.
Try these out to spice up your intros, build-ups, transitions, or even use them throughout your entire track.

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