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Cymatics Equinox Launch Edition WAV MiDi

Cymatics Equinox Launch Edition | 12.80 GB

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A Sonic Experience Inspired by
Trap, RnB, Electronic, Vintage, Ambient & More

EQUINOX: Trap Melodies

Placement Ready Trap Melodies Inspired by Drake, Future, & More

The Trap portion of EQUINOX details the sound of the biggest songs & artists of today’s Modern Trap music.

Our team pulled inspiration from the sounds you’d hear from artists like Drake, Future, Gunna & many others.

Pair these up with some hard hitting drums & 808s to create placement ready Trap records from the ground up.

EQUINOX: Synth Melodies

Analog Synth Melodies Inspired by Mike Dean, Travis Scott & More

For the Synth portion of EQUINOX, we pulled out some of our favorite analog style synths to capture that iconic sound.

These melodies were deeply inspired by producers / artists like Mike Dean & Travis Scott.

With hard hitting drums & bass, you can easily create a hit record track that stands out sonically.

EQUINOX: RnB Melodies

Soulful RnB Melodies Inspired by SZA, Giveon, Chris Brown & More

For this section, we focused solely on the emotional sounds of Modern RnB music.

Our team pulled influence from some of the biggest names of the genre such as SZA, Giveon, Chris Brown, & H.E.R.

These carry a ton of emotion and soul throughout every loop, and they’re designed to easily pair up with catchy & soulful RnB vocals.

EQUINOX: Vintage Melodies

Vintage Melodies Inspired by J Cole, JID, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ & More

The Vintage portion of the pack is a bit of a love letter to the classic “crate-digging” sound of Hip-Hop.

These melodies were inspired by some of the biggest artists that carry the flag for this sound today, such as J Cole, JID, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ & More.

There is a lot of warmth and character to each of these melodies, with a soulful and nostalgic sound throughout.

EQUINOX: Ambient Melodies

Ethereal Ambient Melodies Inspired by Øneheart, Antent & More

The Ambient section of the pack dives into a very ethereal sound of music that carries a ton of emotion and feeling.

Our producers studied some of the biggest names within the ambient style including Øneheart, Antent & more.

If you’re looking to experiment and put together unique music that has a very somber & emotional vibe, these are perfect for that.

EQUINOX: Electronic Melodies

Energy Driven Electronic Melodies Inspired by Yeat, Lil Uzi Vert, & More

The Electronic portion of EQUINOX pulls inspiration from the “virtual” sound that you’d hear from artists like Year or Lil Uzi Vert.

These are entirely focused on high energy, and they pair up extremely well with hard hitting drums and bass.

If you’re looking to make catchy and memorable tracks that work well in today’s industry, these melodies were designed to help you do so.

EQUINOX: Various Melodies

Various Style Melodies Inspired by Central Cee, Bad Bunny & More

The Various section of EQUINOX includes a selection of “Various” other styles that you can play around with.

We pulled influence from artists like Central Cee, Bad Bunny, and many others for this pack.

You’ll get a little taste of everything in this one, and it’s your choice what direction you decide to take them in.

TWILIGHT: Drum Loop Collection

Industry Grade Drum Loop Bounces With Full Stem Layers Included

TWILIGHT focuses on industry ready drum patterns that our team created alongside 7+ melody genres inside of EQUINOX.

Each drum loop was field tested on various speaker systems, to give you everything you need to produce hit records out of the box.

This pack also includes the full stem layers for every drum loop, so you get full creative control over each sample

GRAVITY: Vocal Collection

Flavorful Vocal Samples Designed To Add Emotion & Feeling To Your Tracks

GRAVITY provides you with textural vocal samples that work well for a wide variety of styles in the pack.

These are designed for adding extra character and feeling to your songs & they’re also great for elevating your melodies.

We designed each of these to work for any genre you’re looking to produce, including a ton of different vibes to choose from.

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