Cymatics Cyclone Drums for Drum and Bass

Cymatics Cyclone Drums for Drum and Bass WAV

Size – 74 MB

Drum and Bass has been around since the conception of dance music.

The legendary genre is a standout among others, and still has a rabid fan base to this day.

But what is it that makes the genre so special?

One of the reasons may be hiding in plain sight.

Laid out explicitly in it’s name, “Drum and Bass” revolves around stellar drum work.

Everything from the kick, to the snare, to even the hi hats have to be placed PERFECTLY in Drum and Bass, otherwise it could throw the entire energy of the song off!

However, programming great drums is no easy task…

Which is why “Cyclone” has come to be.

We wanted to make it easier for you to create the most stellar Drum and Bass songs that we know you’re capable of.

Cyclone gives you the ability to focus less on the little things, and spend more time focusing on getting creative and your writing.

If you want one of the best Drum and Bass packs on the internet today, Link Cyclone now!

Included in this pack:

30 Full Drum Loops Format: .WAV
30 Top Drum Loops
File Count: 60 samples

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