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Cinesamples Orchestral Chords | 762.00 MB

Beautiful full orchestra chords and textures
Cinesamples’ classic CineOrch library, redesigned and encoded for Kontakt Player 6.6.1+ and NKS.

With a beautiful collection of chords, octaves, and inversions performed by a 70-piece orchestra in a gorgeous space, this library is a must-have for enhancing your mockups.

Use these recorded ensemble chords to add depth and character to your compositions with ease!

Cinesamples’ classic CineOrch library, redesigned and encoded for the free Kontakt Player 6.6.1+ and Komplete Kontrol!

Nothing beats the sound of a full ensemble playing together when capturing chords. The way the instruments interact with each other and with the recording space in real time creates a magnificently realistic texture. We sampled a world-class 70 piece orchestra playing a tremendous variety of major, minor, augmented chords with inversions, plus octaves and low, warm muted chords.

– Tutti Octaves (RR staccato, sustains, p to ff dynamics. Three-, four-, and five-octave orchestral voicings)
– Tutti Chords (RR staccato, sustains, p to ff dynamics, majors, minors, augmented, each in 3 inversions)
– Low Chords (4 chord types: majors with root bass, minors with root bass, majors with third bass, minors with third bass. p to ff dynamics)

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