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Blinksonic COLLIDZ° for Reaktor 6

Blinksonic COLLIDZ° for Reaktor 6 | 10.00 MB

Download Blinksonic COLLIDZ° for Reaktor 6

COLLIDZ° – Generative Sequencing Station & Synthesizer.

-> A new paradigm around harmonic scores creation, melodic sequences programmation, and real-time note interpretation

-> Preselect the notes/frequencies you want to play – twelve notes of polyphony to rule them all

-> Define individual tempo signature & rhythmic rules for each note selected…. and launch them manually or through a modern polyrhythmic sequencer

->Find variations to your sequences with smart position & tempo wrappers, randomization functions & powerful transposition features.

->Choose from classical scales and modes, set your custom tunings, or explore unknown temperament settings and microtonal scales.

Collidz° is … a synth + a sequencer + an effect processor. a combination of modern and spicy elements to cover many music gender and sound design research..

Revisit classical tone generators with the 4 embed synth engines :

Strokes – a percussive synth based on fm operators
Friction – a modal synthesis strings emulator
Ground – a two oscillators based subtractive synth
Shock – a virtual analog drum and percussion engine

Shape atmosphere of your tones and sequences with a contemporary effect flow based on 4 modules :
larsen – a multipurpose resiner, resonator, and saturator module
frost – a real-time granulator – freeze effect
feather – a selector of ambiances and reverb types
juice – a radio and cassette tape emulator and filter

All in one concept – unique virtual instrument :
Full of additional features with 2 lfos, custom bpm commands, ott compressor… random phrase generator…
Collidz° also allows to feed and loop external input inside the audio engine (intake).
Create generative soundscapes from an external audio peak detector (sensor: audio to gate )
Up to 100 snapshots and starters classified by synth engines .. all engines offer a tone presets selector ( around 30 basic settings minimum per engine)

Find new inspirations or just press play and listen
Make these blocks of sounds collide with each other.

Features list :

4 Synth engines and tone generators:

STROKE : FM Percussion Synthesis with 3 operators, 2 envelopes, 2 modulators.
FRICTION : Dual Resonator Modal String Synthesis with 1 envelope, 2 pole Filter.
GROUND : Dual Oscillator Subtract Synthesis with 4 waveforms per oscillator (Square, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sin), 1 Filter (LP4, BL4, BP4, LP2, BP2, HP2), ADSR envelope, 1 LFO (Sin, Triangle, Pulse, Random),.
SHOCK : Virtual Analog Drum Synthesis with 12 modules (Bassdrum, Snare, Hihat/Cabasa, Claps, Miniperc, ResTom, RingoBell, Steel, Laser, OSC Drum, FM Shaker)

3 Tuning Modules :

FORCE : Scales, Modes, and Chords MIDI filter with a root note selector and 46 scales, 8 modes, 9 chords + send function.
CUSTOM : Custom tuning module with Note name selector, Midi note selector, Frequency/coarse selector, Octave selector, Virtual Keyboard note selector.
ANCHOR : Scale calculator module with factors command, 4 Anchors knobs with slot position and values.

12 Tracks Grid Sequencer :

Sequencer comes with Length, Speed, Hold, Random, and Beat Repeat controls. 4 macro controls in order to generate pattern variations. BPM and custom BMP control, Tempo divider, Shuffle, Random Velocity controls.

4 Effect Modules :

LARSEN : Resonate/shifter
FROST : Micro Delay/Freeze
FEATHER : Digital Reverb
JUICE : SSB Radio & Tape Machine Emulator

2 Modulators :

SKATE : Global Midi transposer, 12 semitones slots selector with embedded automation recorder
Two LFOs with a routing system in order to modulate 5 effect parameters.

2 Audio Input Modules :

INTAKE : External Audio router and Looper
SENSOR : Audio to Gate Converter based on a peak detector.

– a MAC or a PC with a FULL version of Reaktor 6.4.3 (CAUTION: the .ens is not encrypted for Reaktor Player)
– A screen resolution with a minimum of 1920 x 1200 megapixels for a full display on the screen. COLLIDZ° panel dimension is 1660×1115 megapixel.
– Intel Core i7 equivalent must be enough with 16 GB of Ram. To give an idea this ensemble has been created on a 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7.
– CPU usage: Around 34% and 39% with a 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16G Ram, and Reaktor 6 stand-alone. A maximum of 42% have been measured with all the effects enabled. (test made with a Macbook Pro 2013 version)


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