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Black Octopus Sound Bounce Foundry by SoundSheep WAV

Black Octopus Sound Bounce Foundry by SoundSheep | 359.00 MB

Download Black Octopus Sound Bounce Foundry by SoundSheep

Craft tracks that reach new heights with “Bounce Foundry” by Black Octopus Sound Sounds Sheep! This sample pack merges the contemporary realms of Bounce, Trap, Hip Hop, and House. It utilizes original drums that deliver powerful hits, synth shots that elevate, and old-school styled loops injecting bounce and swing into your compositions.

Drum One Shots & Loops: Experience thunderous kicks resonating in your soul and crisp snares slicing through the mix in “Bounce Foundry.” This pack offers a striking assortment of drum one shots including Claps, Hihats, Crashes, Rims, and Percussion. Additionally, handcrafted full and top drum loops leap out of your speakers, igniting movement in your audience.

Tonal One Shots and Loops: Take your melodies to new heights with Tonal One Shots. From rich, atmospheric pads to evocative basses and 808s, these one shots deepen the emotion in your music. Tonal Melody Loops exhibit a futuristic, electronic quality sparking creativity and infusing tracks with catchy melodies and intricate sound design.

Over 500MB Total Content
583 Total Samples
358 Drum one shots
100 Kicks
100 Snares
50 Claps
32 Closed HiHats
30 Rimshots
23 Open HiHats
13 Percussions
10 Crashes
95 Drum Loops
40 Drum Loops
40 Top Loops
15 HiHat Loops
40 Music Loops
30 808 One Shots
25 Melodic One Shots
25 Bass One Shots
10 Atmosphere One Shots


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