Black Octopus Sound Basement Freaks Presents Organic House Percussion WAV

Black Octopus Sound Basement Freaks Presents Organic House Percussion | 372.00 MB

Basement Freaks first House Percussion pack is here! Adding an exquisite organic element with real-world percussion from Latin America, perfect for Nu Disco & House music. ‘Organic House Percussion’ will add authentic sounds to your library and take you from deep to melodic and right back to the basics of house music.

Inside you’ll find raw grooves and classic percussion sounds for chilled, easy to dance to beats. Including entrancing loops and addictive fills from Bongos, Cajon, Claves, Cowbells, Guiro, Maracas, Plastic Blocks, Rototoms, Tambourine, Seedrum, Shakers, Tambourines, Triangles, Woodblocks, and Synths. Alongside impacting One-shots from Rototoms, Super Guiro, Tambourine, Cowbells, Duduk, Claves, Blocks, Drums, and SFX. With detailed recordings for the Rototoms & Super Guiro with everything you need to create your own rhythm patterns & fills!

With influences from Soul, Jazz, and Latin music, for a unique collection that will add organic flavour and a natural rhythm and a back beat to your dance music tracks. So what are you waiting for? add this beautiful selection of inspiring samples from ‘Organic House Percussion’ to your library now

187 Loops
17 Bongo Loops
4 Cajon Loops
8 Clave Loops
7 Drum Loops
24 Cowbell Loops
2 Duduk Loops
14 Guiro Loops
5 Maracas Loops
13 Plastic Blocks
3 Roto & Tambo Fills
5 Seedum Snare Loops
40 Shaker Loops
31 Synth Loops
8 Tambourine Loops
6 Triangle Loops
19 Wood Block Loops
90 One Shots
13 Block One Shots
2 Clave One Shots
8 Cowbell One Shots
11 Drum One Shots
7 Duduk One Shots
4 FX One Shots
32 Rototom One Shots
26 Super Guiro One Shots
5 Tambourine One Shots


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