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Blast into the future with Pro Tools’ mind-bending tools and plugins! Buckle up with commander Alex Hollingsworth in this turbocharged 21-tutorial course, and get ready to decode the secrets of sci-fi sound design and transport your projects beyond the frontiers of tomorrow!

Sound effects are vital components of every movie, game and multimedia project. In this 21-tutorial course, trainer and sound designer Alex Hollingsworth unveils the secrets of crafting futuristic sound effects using the powerful tools included in Pro Tools. Perfect for sound designers working on games, movies, and various multimedia projects, this course covers a diverse range of skills and techniques in sci-fi sound design. While designed for Pro Tools users, the concepts can be applied to other digital audio workstations as well.

First, Alex reveals the basics of crafting a laser beam effect using the Vacuum synth available in Pro Tools. He shows you how to enhance the effect by adding audio layers and how to polish it with bus processing. He then explores different sci-fi weapon sound FX such as blasters and plasma build-up. You dive deep into sound design, exploring the nuances of working with printed audio, and processing offline with AudioSuite effects, and layering techniques to enhance the impact and realism of your sound creations.

Next, you discover the art of crafting otherworldly vehicles SFX. Alex guides you through the process of adding realism to your sounds by using everyday life recordings as a foundation for your hovercraft sounds. He shows you how to infuse a futuristic quality into these sounds by processing them in various ways. You also learn to capture internal signals from cell phones, laptops and other household gadgets, along with various techniques to widen your sound design ideas and possibilities…

So, charge up your neural implants, engage your creative protocols, and embark on this intergalactic odyssey of sonic creation with Alex Hollingsworth… and Pro Tools!

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