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Synthogy’s Ivory 3 is the world’s first virtual piano instrument that merges the realism of digital sampling with the expressivity of modeling. Let’s dive into this amazing instrument with expert trainer and multi instrumentalist Matt Vanacoro!

Musicians and composers can now take advantage of Ivory 3’s RGB engine to produce an authentic and expressive acoustic piano sound that is almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. This groundbreaking technology combines modeling with sampling, making it an ideal tool for creative expression. In this course, keyboardist Matt Vanacoro reveals everything you need to know to get the most out of this revolutionary piano emulation software.

First, you learn to set up, install and configure Ivory 3. Matt then explores the built-in presets and shows you how to navigate the interface. You then dive under the piano lid to discover all the options available for customizing the sound and response of the instrument for your particular production needs, from adjusting sympathetic resonance and key noise to tweaking the dynamic curve. Matt also discusses the microphone settings, how to apply effects, how to shape the sound with EQ, how to create ethereal sounds with the synth layer, how to use the powerful built-in arpeggiator, how MIDI mapping works, and a lot, lot more …

Let’s tickle the ivories with Matt Vanacoro … Whatever genre of music you’re creating (pop, jazz, classical, rock, electronic…) this in-depth course will teach you how to seamlessly integrate Ivory 3 into your workflow!

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