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Get ready for a rhythmic trip around the globe with the Groove Guru himself, Yogev Gabay! Let’s discover the beats that make the world dance.

We are fortunate to inhabit such a splendid planet, rich in musical variety and cultural heritage. In this course, you will explore the diverse world of rhythms under the expert instruction of famous YouTuber and drummer Yogev Gabay. Yogev’s unique teaching style and visual presentations will enable you to hone your rhythmic skills and get familiar with the various heartbeats and spirits of music around the planet.

Yogev starts by going over the basics of pulse and time, and delving into the multifaceted idea of “clave” as a rhythmic framework. Yogev demonstrates important clave patterns, such as the Son, Rumba, and Bossa Nova, highlighting their distinct contributions to creations in music.

Next, Yogev looks at how the beats of Argentina and Gnawa, form complex composite layered rhythms. Rhythm investigation expands to Ethiopia, revealing the Eskista lineage and unearthing distinctive grooves that embody the soul of the region.

Yogev takes you on a fascinating tour into the world of Arab music as he continues your rhythm journey, dissecting grooves that transmit cultural traditions and historical histories. The interesting Aksak rhythms, where irregular beats blend to create compelling music, are something you get to experience when you travel to the Balkan region. As he takes you your final destination, India, Yogev talks about the importance of Tali and Khali in Hindustani music.

So get your ticket and come aboard with Yogev on this groovy odyssey that transcends borders, connecting us to the heartbeat of humanity across continents and diverse traditions.

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