Arturia FX 2 101 The Arturia FX Collection 2 Explored TUTORiAL

Arturia FX 2 101 The Arturia FX Collection 2 Explored | 1.00 GB

Arturia has released their FX Collection 2, with new effect plugins “you’ll actually use”! Learn to enhance your music with these plugins in this in-depth 3-hour + course, by audio expert Joe Albano!

With a total of 22 iconic effects, ranging from vintage modulation and delay effects to recreation of rare bus processors and compressors, the Arturia’s FX Collection 2 offers incredible value for the money. These “Audio effects you’ll actually use” are authentic emulations of legendary audio processing hardware units with added modern features. Version 2 introduces seven new effects, new presets and various improvements. Discover all that this comprehensive FX bundle has to offer in this in-depth course. Expert trainer Joe Albano is here to reveal how to get the most of this incredible FX collection while uncovering the history behind these 22 powerful audio processors.

The course starts with an overview of the common features shared by these effects, like the toolbar, the advanced panel and the preset browser. Joe then dives into the preamp plugins, where he explains how these three effects can be use add a subtle (or not so subtle if that’s what you’re looking for…) vintage flavor to your recordings, as well as how to get precise control over the stereo field using M/S Processing . The vintage compressors are next. Joe demonstrates the specific features of the UREI 1176, DBX 165 and Gates STA-LEVEL emulations, and he shows you how and when to use them.

You then dive into the three delay effects included in the collection: a tape delay (an emulation of the classic Roland Space Echo RE-201, complete with interesting new preamp options ), an analog delay (an emulation of the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man delay/chorus pedal), and an Arturia original, the Delay ETERNITY (an extremely powerful delay with a modern design). Next, you learn how to shape the sound of any audio source using the Minimoog, Oberheim SEM and Matrix-12 filters, and how to add space to your sound with the three versatile reverbs (plate, spring, and an advanced digital reverb). Of course, you also see and hear the new modulation effects in action: the lush-sounding Roland Dimension-D chorus and JUN-6 chorus effects, the BL-20 Flanger and the Bi-Tron phaser are all covered in minute detail. The course ends with a deep look at the three new bus processors introduced in version 2: the EQ Sitral 295, the Comp Diode 609 and the super-powerful Bus-Force (an original Arturia bus processor effect). As you will see, these effects are perfect to use on your master stereo bus, on a sub group or even on individual tracks.

So join Joe Albano in this course now, and learn how to “actually use” the Arturia FX Collection 2 bundle. Now is the time to take your music and creativity to the next level!

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