AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol 2 ADG

AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks 2 | 546.00 KB

30 Advanced Ableton Racks to take your production to the next level.


-Magic Drum Shaper

-PHAT Magic Rack

-Magic Snow Cone Fade

-Magic Filter

-Wook Bass Processor

-Vocal Harmony Maker

-Vocal Stack Magic

-Vocal Doubler

-Crystal Delay

-Alien Vocal Maker

-Radio Vox

-Alien Flange Drums

-Dirty Echo Filter

-Repeating Trip Maker

-Magic Glitch Machine

-Magic Zap Rack

-Super Amp Glitcher

-Shift & Erode

-Strange Bass Maker

-Wet Noise

-Bird Sine Distortion

-Bird Sine Distortion 2

-Magic Chaos

-Magic Chaos 2

-Self Generator Box

-3 Band Splitter

-3 Band Stereo Tool

-Stereo Control

-Listening Rack

-Stereoize Hi End 2

Needs Live 9.7 or above to work.

Made from Ableton’s stock FX.

Watch the Demo Video:

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How To Download - Tutorial