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91Vocals House Vocal Hooks WAV

91Vocals House Vocal Hooks | 449.00 MB

Hit the main stage with House Vocal Hooks, a full collection of premium vocal hooks built to power the drop or inspire your next anthem. Including over 150 vocal hooks, phrases, and adlibs, with both wet and dry versions to maximize flexibility. Discover the perfect topline or chop and re-pitch crisp, clean acapellas to create new layers and stand-out sounds.

With processing in keeping with the genre we’ve explored hard tuning, pitched and formanted voices, harmonies, power stacks, and one-shots. Plus catchy, non-lyrical vocal riffs designed to lead the melody or ride the beat.

All original, royalty-free samples featuring the sweet and powerful voice of singer Dannii Murphy. Recorded and mixed in-house by producer Luke Targett and the 91Vocals team using high-end microphones and analog gear. Our favorite performances from sessions in 4 different key signatures and tempos were selected and polished. Every loop has been carefully key-tagged and tempo locked.

Please note: This sample pack contains vocals only. All instrumental elements heard in the demo track are for illustration purposes only. Demo created by Luke Targett.

Vocal Hooks & Phrases – 96 Total
•7 Vocal Hooks 110 BPM Gm (Wet & Dry – 14 Total)
•5 Vocal Hooks 120 BPM Bm (Wet & Dry – 10 Total)
•6 Vocal Hooks 124 BPM A#m (Wet & Dry – 12 Total)
•6 Vocal Hooks 124 BPM Fm (Wet & Dry – 12 Total)
•4 Vocal Hooks 140 BPM Fm (Wet & Dry – 8 Total)

20 Non-Lyrical Vocal Hook Riffs (Wet & Dry – 40 Total)
18 Pitched & Retimed Vocal Phrases

Vocal Loops
•18 Pitched & Retimed Vocal Phrases
•24 Vocal Loops + FX
•7 Vocal Risers
•5 Vocoder Loops

Vocal One Shots
•12 Vocal One Shots
•11 Vocal Adlib One Shots


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