The Unfinished Renaissance for u-he Repro-1 H2P

The Unfinished Renaissance for u-he Repro-1 H2P
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128 millennial sounds for Repro-1 by The Unfinished

Taking advantage of Repro-1’s stellar analogue modelling, advanced sequencing and lush effects, Renaissance focuses on punchy low end, crunchy leads and dynamic, driven riffs and basslines.

This soundset is unashamedly nostalgic for that late 90s / early millennial vibe, occasionally dipping its toes into Berlin School and Synthwave to add further colour.

Normally focused on synth programming for cinematic music, The Unfinished was inspired to create Renaissance while listening to the quintessential soundtracks for Psygnosis’ futuristic racing game series, Wipeout.

Demo Preview:

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