StreamWorks Audio SWA Mastering Revealed TUTORiAL

StreamWorks Audio SWA Mastering Revealed TUTORiAL

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Mastering the mysterious art that craves attention from so many. Since the boom in home recording has gone into full swing the ideology of the ‘one man band’ has been intensified immensely. No more are the days of paying thousands of dollars per hour in the studio now it is possible to get high quality recordings from the comfort of your home studio. And with SWA Master Revealed, the air will be cleared from the black cloud hanging over the final step in your recording process which is the art of mastering.

This video covers the most important steps when mastering… tonal balance by means of Equalization, applying compression to your audio source to tighten up the dynamic range as needed, and Loudness maximizing. Covering additional areas that are sometimes used when mastering such as adding a touch of sparkle with harmonic exciters a dash of reverb to add space, as well as working to keep your audio in phase.

Using a variety of tools that are common in mastering, you will not feel that what you are seeing is specific to any particular application or plug-in. Allowing you to stay focused on the art of mastering.

Video Contents:

Chapter One:

The Desired Frequency Curve
Working with Frequency Analyzers
What Type of EQ Do I Need?
Introduction to Har-Bal
Lo & Hi Shelving Filters

Chapter Two:

The Art of Compression
What Does a Compressor Do?
Compression and the Controversy
Working with RMS Meters
The Desired Dynamic Range
Calculating the Reduction
Smooth Out the Compression with Attack and Release
Using Make Up Gain
Multiband Compression

Chapter Three:

Loudness Maximizing
More Controversy
Maximizing Types
Soft Clipping
How Loud Should It Be?
Bob Katz’s K-Meter System
Maximize Your Audio
Additional Maximizing Tools
DC Offset Filters

Chapter Four:

The Stereo Field
Phase Correlation Explained
Correcting Phase Errors

Chapter Five:

Tighten the Low End
Keeping the Low End in the Middle

Chapter Six:

Working with Exciters
Exciters Explained

Chapter Seven:

Adding Depth with Reverb


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