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Sonic Collective Bengali Percussion WAV

Sonic Collective Bengali Percussion | 233.00 MB

This collection showcases a collection of Bengali instruments including dhol and the ek taara (literally translated to “one string”), which are quintessential Bengali folk music instruments. The pack also features some lesser known instruments such as a clay khol, khomok, haat baya and mouth percussion.

Bengali Percussion was produced and recorded by Enayet Kabir in Bangladesh, with Dhol played by renowned dhol maestro Nayan Khan and all other instruments played by multi-percussionists Piyash and Sohel.

Predominantly comprised of non-tonal hand drums, pitched instruments are also included in this collection. Played by bending their respective frames or membranes, these instruments have tonal expression not fixed at a specific interval but provide resonant pitch-bends that function across keys.

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