Smokey Loops Synthwave City WAV

Smokey Loops Synthwave City | 290.00 MB

“Synthwave City” is a premium sample pack created by Smokey Loops, designed to take you on a journey back in time to the neon-lit streets of the 80s. This pack features 5 full construction kits, each containing high-quality drum loops, bass loops, melody loops, and various sound effects. In the “Drum Loops” section, you’ll find a variety of classic drum machine sounds, including crisp snares, punchy kicks, and bright hi-hats. These loops are perfect for creating the signature beats of the synthwave genre, with their retro feel and energetic grooves.

The “Bass Loops” section features a selection of pulsing and driving basslines, designed to add depth and movement to your tracks. From warm analog basses to gritty and distorted synth basses, these loops will give your productions that classic 80s sound. The “Melody Loops” section includes a range of catchy and nostalgic melodies, perfect for creating memorable hooks and lead lines. From shimmering synth arpeggios to soaring lead sounds, these loops capture the essence of the synthwave genre. Overall, “Synthwave City” by Smokey Loops is a must-have sample pack for any producer looking to create authentic and nostalgic synthwave productions. With its high-quality sounds and easy-to-use construction kits, this pack is guaranteed to transport you to the neon-drenched streets of the 80s.

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