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MidiLatino Reggaeton Update 2021 WAV MiDi

MidiLatino Reggaeton Update 2021 | 3.79 GB

Inspired by the constant fusions of Reggaeton worldwide and the modern musical proposals of the last years. our team of producers set out to create a MEGA-LIBRARY of (7 Gb) that would offer you very different musical concepts.

“R-UPDATE 2021” is the largest collection of melodies created in the history of Midilatino, with 250 royalty-free melodies (MIDIS + Multi-tracks included).

This pack of tunes was designed to take your career as a producer to the highest possible level. This pack will allow you to create high-quality instruments in very simple ways, given all the tools it brings.

The most interesting thing about this library is its organization, we built more than 7 Sample Packs and organized them into 8 different categories, based on their musical characteristics and emotions. So, it doesn’t matter what vibe you’re on. You will always produce!

License rights included with the purchase:

“Beat Lease” on Beatstars, Airbit, etc.
Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.
Content 100% “Royalty Free.”

Bonus #1

If you follow us on Instagram you will know that we have been working on this pack for several months.

Throughout this time we have come across different sounds that definitely made a difference in some of our samples. That’s why we decided to put them all in one “One Shot Pack”

In this pack you will get; pianos, plucks, leads, basses, synths and many other sounds that will help when producing.

Bonus #2
AFROVOX – Vocal Chops

Midilatino not only focuses on finding the best “Sample Makers” but also the best vocalists

Afrobox is a library recorded by African vocalists, in which you will find from One Shots or what we know as “Vox” to add to your drums.

You will also find Vocal Chops and phrases with which you can position in different parts of your beats in order to get them out of the monotony.

Bonus #3
FAMOUZ – Drum Kit

To create the famous “Tun-Pa-Tun-Pa” you must have a good Drum Kit.

That is why we decided to stop recycling the same Kicks and Snares from so many bookstores and decided to emulate some with the help of the “Kick Lancet.”

In the same way, the Kicks were semi-processed to ensure that they met all the requirements to be in this bookstore.

Bonus #4
THE GODS – Trap Samples

It was impossible to forget about the Trap. ,

This genre, like Reggaeton, continues to talk and its positions in the world tops are inescapable.

Just like the Reggaeton samples, our team built several Trap Sample Packs and combined them into a single group of 40 tunes.

Inspired by Latino and American artists, we achieve unique colors ready for you to build your next “Trap type beat.”

Bonus #5
UNIVERSE – Drum Loops

You can’t deny that the rhythm is what moves the masses!

The melodies are important, but with the fine-tuned voices of the artists. These may lose relevance. oh! But the Drums, those can’t be missing.

Our producers set out to create Drum Loops inspired by the most relevant songs in recent years, some powerful, others more subtle, but all with the same purpose of easily fitting a beat.

Bonus #6
SAN JUAN – Midi Pack

Our musicians and producers always have much more to give than the Samples and Stems in this Pack.

It is for this reason that we include this free Reggaeton Midi Pack, which includes 100 MIDI melodies, which will be your lifesaver in those live sessions with artists. They will surely help you to turn on the vibe.

All the melodies that come in this Pack, were made under the same standard of the samples and we leave them to you so that you can use them as you want.

Bonus #7
Contest – $500

Ready to start producing?

With the purchase of “R-UPDATE 2021” you will have access to our best beat competition, in which you can win $500 dollars.

Instructions: The winner will be selected by quality and creativity NOT by voting. You have a limit of sending 2 beats maximum *from your purchase email* to [email protected] beats will be selected by so-and-so on April 15 in a live that we will announce on our Instagram. Be

sure to specify in the email which beats you used. So get started today and break the competition!


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