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Luigi Production – Reggaeton Guitar Moods 2 WAV

Luigi Production – Reggaeton Guitar Moods 2 | 51.00 MB

‘Reggaeton Guitar Moods 2’ by Luigi Production, made by incredible producer and guitarist Luigi, gives you some amazing live Reggaeton guitar loops that will initiate several ideas to incorporate into your music production. Acoustic, Nylon & Electric Guitars, Riffs, Melodies and Rhythm Parts are all included.

All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. Basic harmony is based on 8 bars:|Em|C|D|Em|Em|C|D|G| in the key of G.

You can also play these phrases on | Em7 | Cadd9 | Dadd9 | Em7 | Em | Cadd9 | Dadd9 | G Maj7 | or other chords combinations. This fantastic pack includes Kits and 25 individual loops and files, making this an essential product for producers who want to create Reggaeton tracks with live guitar sounds.

Use these sounds in your Reggaeton, Disco, Soul, Pop, RnB or even Hip Hop tracks. The pack includes 11 guitar loops with effects and the same 11 guitar loops without effects. It also includes four additional sounds with drums, electric keys, and synth bass.

  • – Guitar Kits
  • – 27 Loops & Files
  • – 11 Guitar Loops With Effects
  • – 11 Guitar Loops Without Effects
  • – 5 Additional Loops (Drums, Keys, Bass)
  • – 100% Royalty-Free

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