Loaded Samples Loaded G-Funk Vol. 1 Sample Pack and Drum Kit WAV

Loaded G-Funk 1 | 433.00 MB

Unlock the Sound of 90s West Coast Hip-Hop
This kit is designed to give you everything you need to easily create authentic-sounding G-Funk Beats. This kit includes Drums, Drum Loops, Melody Loops, and One-Shots.

All Drum Sounds were processed through analog gear for a warm, vintage sound. The Drum Loops are modeled after many classic G-Funk patterns which will instantly give your beats a West Coast vibe. The Melody Loops are separated into stems to give you maximum flexibility in your arrangements. The One-Shots feature sounds from various instruments such as Bass, Guitar, Synthesizers and more.

The sound of 90s West Coast Hip-Hop can be extremely difficult to emulate with only Software VSTs. We utilized Analog Gear and Vintage Synthesizers when creating this kit to provide the most accurate sounds possible.

This sample pack features sounds from these instruments: Model D Synthesizer, Juno 106 Synthesizer, M1R Synthesizer, EX8000 Synthesizer, PortaSound Keyboard, 90s Stratocaster Guitar, 90s Jazz Bass Guitar, TR-808, Planet Phatt & more.

Over 750 WAV Files:

•64 Kicks
•92 Snares/Claps
•67 Hi-Hats
•124 Percussion Sounds
•40 Drum Loops (BPM Labeled)
•73 Melody Loops/Stems (BPM and Key Labeled)
•292 One-Shots | Bass, Guitar, Keys, FX, Synth Sounds (Key Labeled)

Compatible with any DAW or MPC


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