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Just Sound Effects Crickets and Cicadas | 1.18 GB

With this library you will get beautiful sounds we recorded in Europe and the jungles of Southeast Asia. Crickets, cicadas and grasshoppers are commonly found in open fields, on trees or in primeval forests with warm temperatures. Good sounding crickets and cicadas are a must have sound effect that every sound designer needs to create exotic soundscapes, dry deserts or the acoustic background of a mild summer evening.

All sound effects have an extremely low noise floor and can easily be used as a construction kit for layering unique sound atmospheres. Perspectives from close to far will help you to design your own sonic environments.

The sounds range from musical songs by single crickets in close perspective to cricket ambiences and the buzzy and raspy sound of cicadas during daylight. Singing insect sounds are hard to describe; it is a lot easier to listen to the great possible varieties. Our language is poor to define the sounds of crickets or cicadas: buzz, click, rasp, whirr, rattle, trill, chirp. Usually we only use one descriptive verb, mostly onomatopoetic, but these insects produce a great number of different noises.

Well-organized sound libraries improve your workflow and save a lot of time. That’s why our sound effects are categorized according to the Universal Category System and embedded with rich descriptive metadata.

The UCS aims at a consistent categorization of sound effects, a uniform file name structure and easier maintenance of a sound effects library.

– 45 Files
– 42 Minutes

– 19 Files
– 24 Minutes

– 14 Files
– 15 Minutes


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