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It’s late at night, and you’re walking down some empty street towards a sketchy dark alley. The city is absolutely silent except for the constant police sirens ringing in the distance and a steady thump from some anonymous building across the street. You’re feeling slightly uneasy wandering around this part of town alone, but this is where you’re meant to meet him. You’ve been told by many reliable sources that he’s got the best product in town. The purest, cleanest and strongest supply available that’s meant to really work. You find him, standing against a brick wall smoking a cigarette. He nods for you, and you make the exchange. Nervously, you say thanks and quickly leave the scene to avoid anyone seeing you.

Upon getting home you’re quick to try out the product, and upon first sample, you’re not disappointed. In fact, you’re overwhelmed with carnal joy for what you have have acquired. This truly is the product you wanted. Just a few minutes with it has given you the confidence you hoped for. You’re going to make some incredible music now, thanks to your newly found audio pusher.

Found inside ‘Audio Pusher’ is an assortment of the purest, cleanest sound substances for you. A supply of drums, vocals, bass, effects, percussion, and assorted elements to hook you in. Gritty, underground grooves and expertly crafted sounds produced for you to utilize in your DAW for creating late night dance floor magic.
A product this satisfying should be illegal.

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