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BALKAN CLARINET is a new playable Bb Clarinet that captures the style and nuances of balkan music and beyond, ideal for lots of musical genres, from jazz, pop, traditional music, Bregović-like scores and world music.

Superbly delivered by virtuoso reed player Achille Succi, it comes with 18 exciting articulations including sustained vibrato notes, normal-double and triple staccatos, short glissandos up and down (scoops) and lots of stylistic embellishments and tempo synced approach notes to give your melody a vibrant life! A must HAVE for composers and producers looking for high realism and instant gratification!

Balkan Clarinet comes with a highly intuitive, easy-to-use and ready-to-play interface with 2 top class reverb algorithms, delay and a gritty pedal-like distortion.

1625 samples in ncw. format. Requires full version of KONTAKT 5.6.8 or above (not compatible with Free Kontakt Player).

Size: 763,7 MB (Uncompressed file)

8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended. You need to be able to run Kontakt Full Version 5.6.8+.
Sample resolution: .ncw format

18 Keyswitches (Articulations):

~Sustain Notes
~Half Tone Long Mordent
~Short Gliss Up
~Whole Tone Long Mordent
~Short Gliss Down
~Half Tone Short Mordent
~Whole Tone Short Mordent
~Double Staccato (Double Tonguing)
~Minor Third Short Mordent
~Triple Staccato (Double Tonguing)
~Strong Vibrato Sustained Notes
~Special Balkan articulation
~Half Tone Double Mordent
~Balkan Phrase (tempo-synced)
~Whole Tone Double Mordent
~4-note approach #1 (tempo-synced)
~4-note approach #2 (tempo-synced)


~Room Reverb
~Hall Reverb
~Gritty pedal-like distortion


Instrument: Alto Sax

Musician: Achille Succi

Recorded and mixed at HAVE Studio, Madrid, Spain

UI and Graphic Design: Kovdra Bureau


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