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Studio guru Eli Krantzberg presents a set of comprehensive Native Instruments SEQUIS video tutorials! A world of creative possibilities dwell within this inspiring acoustic sequencer plugin, and these videos will help you exploit it quickly and to its fullest potential! Eli begins with the basics and walks you through the more advanced features and settings, arming you with the knowledge to make SEQUIS an integral part of your workflow in no time at all. These videos are for new SEQUIS users.

Eli welcomes you and introduces the SEQUIS interface, covering the two main views, Perform and Edit, first. These two main sections of the plugin allow you to select presets as well as customize the sounds and patterns with myriad playing styles and articulations. Then discover the Polynote and Modwheel layer switching features, providing two different ways of adding or subtracting layers within a loop or sample.

Next, explore some specific sounds and patterns, including some longer cajon examples and some interesting strings and female vocal samples. You’ll learn some different techniques for blending the layers as well.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll discover more features and capabilities of SEQUIS, including how to create sparse patterns with complimentary textures, how to layer multiple instruments together, how to use the triplet and swing functions for rhythmic variation, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth SEQUIS tutorials contain, and why they’ll help make sense of the vast possibilities of the plugin, see the individual SEQUIS video tutorial descriptions on this page. Open a new world of sonic possibilities for your next production … Watch “SEQUIS Explained®” now!

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