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Studio pro Gary Hiebner presents comprehensive metal production video tutorials! If you’ve wondered how to create that hyper-realistic, super tight and focused modern metal sound, this course is the one to watch. Gary takes you through the entire process of producing and mixing a metal song, concentrating on all the elements – drums, guitars, bass, vocals, etc. – and addressing specific concerns for each, including editing, processing, and more. These videos are for beginning metal producers and mixers.

Gary welcomes you and begins by introducing the song that will be used for the tutorial, organizing the session by placing tracks in folders and routing them to buses. He then tackles the drums, singling out the kick, snare, cymbals, toms, and room mics, before working on the full drum bus. Next up, you’ll learn several methods for creating a full, powerful bass tone via the use of DI a signal, amp sims, and various combinations of the two.

The guitars are next, and you’ll discover the secrets to creating those trademark heavy tones, including reamping, gain/EQ/mic placement settings, part-layering, ambient clean sounds, and more. You’ll also learn the importance that precise editing plays in achieving the polished sound you hear on the radio.

Throughout the rest of the course, Gary details the processing and mixing techniques for the vocals, as well as provide tips on arranging to create more intensity and excitement in your track. You’ll learn about sidechaining the kick and bass to provide additional separation and clarity, automating reverb and delay sends to create throws on the vocals, and much more. Gary wraps up the course by demonstrating how to finalize your master with a mastering chain including saturation, multiband compression, stereo widening, and true peak limiting.

To see exactly what’s contained in these in-depth metal production tutorials, and how they’ll transform your metal songs from the ground up, see the individual Producing Modern Metal video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn what you need to make your metal tracks sicker and slicker today… Watch “Producing Modern Metal Explained®” now!

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