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F-AudioLabs BigFlex v1.2.1 | 9.00 MB

Inspired by and developed for The Caesars, the F-AudioLabs BigFlex is an astounding Frequency Saturator based on a 2 Bands EQ.

THE CEASARS is an award-winning production duo based in Los Angeles, California. They established themselves as one of the go-to teams in the U.S. thanks to their remarkable works with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop scene but mostly because of their natural talent in producing seriously ass-kicking tracks. They have worked with several multiple platinum artists and collected millions of streams.

Master the art of saturating just portions of a sound to achieve astonishing results. Distortion can be a great tool to enhance various elements in a mix or of individual instruments.

The BigFlex adds unique saturation and distortion to targeted frequency bands, with a very precise, macro fine-tuning control to punch up and define low-end, add presence, improve your high ends, or can be simply used to create mind-blowing sounds.

It works magic on pretty much any instrument in any kind of music genre, but do not take our word for it, just try it.


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