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Product Overview:

There’s nothing out there quite like Output EXHALE, a virtual instrument with a unique vocal engine that’s both powerful and modern. In this video tutorial series studio expert Eli Krantzberg reveals all of its secrets as well as how to use it to breathe life into your productions.

Starting with an installation guide, Eli gets right into EXHALE’s signal flow, explaining how sounds are triggered in Notes, Loops, and Slice modes. Then it’s onto the Presets, which can contain one or two sound sources with independent Volume, Pan, Tune, Eq, ADSR, & Playback Direction Controls.

Once you’re familiar with the signal flow, Eli then covers Notes mode and its 3 different source types including One-Shots, Pads, and Tape Loops. The next 2 videos explore Loops mode, both Bank Settings and Note Settings. You’ll learn which controls are shared, which are unique, and how to set and edit all 13 individual loops per loop bank!

Next, Eli demonstrates Slices mode, in which you can match your sounds to the key of your music. Then its on to the Rhythm Panel, where you’ll see how Waveform Shapes and or Step Sequencer Patterns are used to modulate parameters in the six Mod Effects available in the FX Engine.

After that, Eli explores the Flux control, which applies a secondary step-sequencer dedicated to generating fluctuations in the main modulation values, as well as a video on Mod effects. The last two videos cover Insert Effects, Macro Sliders, Presets, and all Automation options that you have available.

Get the lowdown on Output EXHALE and breathe some life into your songs and productions… Watch “EXHALE Explained” today!

Pass – @#$%^&*(hg!~)


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