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Ghosthack Ambio | 5.06 GB

Transform Everyday Sounds Into Something Extraordinary.
Get ready for a very satisfying new collection of must-have sounds! Ghosthack Ambio features a wide variety of foley sounds and field recordings served up both dry and wet, in a bunch of different ways. Some are downright intoxicatingly mesmerizing. With nearly 350 files, across 33 categories and weighing in at 6.4GB, it is both comprehensive and inspiring in its simplicity and creative exploration of everyday sounds.

The processed and transformed sounds are really where the gold is in this pack. Drenched in lush reverb, scattered with granular delay, irresistible saturation… To say the processing is transformative is nowhere near doing it justice. It is impeccable! And the dry recordings of the sounds are superb! You will find yourself reaching for this pack again and again and again.

It’s this intersection of reality and imagination where cinematic magic lives, both visually and sonically. Sounds you recognize as real and organic, will often times help you produce the most impressive and memorable sound design and music possible. This is because of the intrinsic properties of the sounds themselves. As they are processed, stretched, reverberated and more, unique natural characteristics like organic textures, physical movements, frequency changes, etc are revealed in incredible ways. These things are not easily synthesized or recreated. And that’s the stuff you’ll find in great abundance in the Ghosthack Ambio pack.

Expect to find long field recordings, lots of fantastic textures that really grab your attention, and an excellent variety of timbre, movement, and interesting locations. The sounds might be everyday occurrences, but how they are then layered and processed to become a soundscape or granular texture is transcendental. There are hundreds of great examples of what can be done with these sounds in the pack itself, which provides a seemingly endless source of inspiration when using them.

The Ghosthack Ambio collection is also 100% royalty-free! This means that all of the sounds are already cleared for you to use in your own projects, whether you choose to transform them more or not.


•10 Broken (dry & wet)
•11 Countryside Field Recordings
•20 Dystopian (dry & wet & MIDI)
•10 Garden Field Recordings
•5 Granular Planes (dry & wet)
•20 Granular Textures (dry & wet)
•10 Granular Wind (dry & wet)
•20 Hits (dry & wet)
•23 Kitchen Foleys
•10 Metallic Textures (dry & wet)
•10 Soundscapes (dry & wet)
•20 Stones Field Recordings
•25 Town Field Recordings
•13 Traffic Field Recordings
•5 Train Field Recordings
•10 Water Field Recordings
•Total Files: 347
•Total Size: 6.4 GB

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