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Denise Audio Bite Harder v1.0.0 Regged WiN MacOSX

Denise Audio Bite Harder v1.0.0 | 14.00 MB

You decide which frequency ranges to target with the push-pull graph
The push-pull graph lets you have complete control over the frequencies that are going to be crushed, giving you endless possibilities and new sounds. Automate it to create organically changing bit crushed lines and create steep curves for screaming resonances.

Refined crush controls
The Bite Harder offers the classic bit crushing features, but adds unique controls to refine or destroy your sound even more. With the Silky dial, you can smooth out the effect of the individual bit and sample controls. Alongside this we’ve added the push-pull graph, a layer of FX and a drive control.

presets from Florian Meindl
We asked one of our favorite electronic music producers in Berlin to create crazy presets for the Bite Harder & My Crush. They are included for free and in addition to the presets that we created.

Crazy FX for extra fun & destruction
Create an extra layer of mayhem with the tailored effects in the Bite Harder.

Trigger your creativity!
Production tricks & ideas for creative bit-crushing

Push-pull graph
Complete control over the frequencies that are going to be crushed, giving you endless possibilities and new sounds


Sometimes less is more, but definitely not with this one. An extra layer of mayhem to make your loops, and sounds, break and scream even more!

Solo frequency ranges to audition individual bands.

Custom from Florian Meindl are included on top of presets from denise.

Transparent clipper
Use it heavily to add extra dirt and saturation.

Side-chain control
Destroy the sound using an external input source.

Silky control
Smooth out the bit-crushing sound for more delicate, high-end, rounder and warmer sounds.

Continuous reduce & re-sample control
Individually set the bit & sample rate.

Looper & Stutter
Create extra arrangements, textures and glitches with a host syncing toggle.

An extra ring modulator for all your glitching needs. Perfect to create idm, transitions and effects.

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