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Cinematic Studio Piano KONTAKT

Cinematic Studio Piano KONTAKT
Size – 4.2 GB

Description: Cinematic Studio Piano invites you to take a seat with the Yamaha C7 Grand on the world stage. You will be inspired by the warm, realistic sound of an instrument recorded with condenser microphones using the same techniques as the rest of the Cinematic Studio series. Intelligent scripts guarantee maximum realism and versatility. The tool uses the same simple graphical interface as the rest of the series. Dynamism and realism make it the perfect accompaniment to the rest of our orchestral libraries. Much attention has been paid to capturing the full dynamic range of the instrument. We’ve also captured the random notes and pedal noises that occur during real-world performance, adding more fidelity to the sound. As with the rest of our libraries, the tool has a no-nonsense interface, which is easy to recognize so you can get started right away. Four microphone channels controlled by a mixer provide the perfect blend of detail and ambience. We have also included various squeaks, glissandos and plakas as FX patches.

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