Chilled Trap 2 WAV MIDi REX Patches

Chilled Trap 2 WAV MIDi REX Patches
Size – 1 GB

Loopmasters are proud to present Chilled Trap 2, a brand new sequel to the popular harmonic trap and musical electronica collection, featuring chilled-out trap beats, dreamy pads, soothing bass aimed directly at chill trap, downtempo and ambient producers looking for a fresh collection of 100% royalty free feel good sounds.

Rolling out over 1.51 GB, Chilled Trap 2 brings you transcendence on command, including a variety of formats, moods and timbres to ensure you’re never lacking inspiration. Delve within to find chilled trap drum loops, trap bass samples, downtempo piano loops, chilled pad samples, brass loops, bells, vocals, percussion and much more, allowing you to explore the more majestic and awe-inspiring side of trap music that can provide an evocative backdrop for your more musical outings.

Covering diverse ground between 100-166bpm, Chilled Trap 2 works harmoniously with the named genres, but also suits cloud rap, wave, downtempo, ambient and any other musical and chilled out sounds!

In detail, expect to find 1.51 GB of total content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit & 44.1 kHz. 266 loops are broken down as 32 percussion loops, 31 synth loops, 27 hat loops, 27 snare loops, 21 pad loops, 20 full drum loops, 20 piano loops, 17 kick loops, 14 synth bass loops, 11 sub bass loops, 10 kick snare loops, 8 vox loops, 6 brass loops, 6 string loops, 5 bell loops, 5 FX loops, 2 orchestral loops, 2 melodic perc loops, 1 harp loop and 1 organ loop. Also included are 97 drum one-shots, 279 Rex2 files, 11 soft sampler patches (for NNXT, Kontakt, Halion, EXS24 and Sfz) and 241 MIDI files.

Product Details:

24Bit 44.1KHZ

32 Percussion Loops

31 Synth Loops

27 Hat Loops

27 Snare Loops

21 Pad Loops

20 Full Drum Loops

20 Piano Loops

17 Kick Loops

14 Synth Bass Loops

11 Sub Bass Loops

10 Kick Snare Loops

8 Vox Loops

6 Brass Loops

6 String Loops

5 Bell Loops

5 Fx Loops

2 Orchestral Loops

2 Melodic Perc Loops

1 Harp Loop

1 Organ Loop

97 Drum Hits

279 Rex2 Files

11 Soft Sampler Patches

241 Midi Files

Demo Preview:

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Part 1

Part 2

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