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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW),
a software environment for audio production, recording and audio engineering.
Add. Information : Stability is not guaranteed
Too sophisticated product, it is necessary to test)

About the full version.

Faced a problem. When working in a MIDI editor, the interface is very slow when changing note duration or velocity. At the same time, judging by the task manager, a large load on the processor is created. This is even when changing a single note in a newly created project. Has anyone had similar problems? What could be the reason?

It’s been discussed a million times already.The fact is that this version of Pro Tools is designed for network collaboration and work in the cloud. Although this is not relevant for the pirated version, the functionality remains. Therefore, each action, as I understand it, is encoded in an HTTP packet with imitation of network transmission. If you are not working with anyone on the network at this moment (and this obviously does not happen), then all the same, the protoolz constantly polls the network card. In parallel, the load on the video card increases, and therefore the relevance of the video driver and compatibility with the video card is also critical. This polling occurs at a certain frequency, and the mass of data packets processed increases with increasing levels of UNDO. If at the same time you have a video and a network card that are not compatible with Avid, then these glitches increase.Yes, it’s a version glitch. There’s nothing you can do about it for now.Unless you do two things:

  1. 1. Update proprietary drivers for video card and network card
  2. 2. Reduce the number of UNDO levels to a minimum (Setup -> Preferences -> Editing tab – and there at the very bottom of the Levels of Undo window).


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