Auto-Tune Pro Explained

Auto-Tune Pro Explained

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Product Overview :

Marcus Huyskens delivers an in-depth series of Antares Auto-Tune Pro tutorials! Learn Auto-Tune Pro’s powerful pitch and time editing tools inside and out, as well as how to use them creatively.

Marcus welcomes you and then discusses the nature of pitch correction in general, and how it pertains to modern music production and different musical genres. He then gives you a complete overview of the Auto-Tune Pro user interface.

Next you will delve deeper into learning Auto-Tune, with tutorials all about the bundled Auto-Key plug-in and how to use it to auto-detect the key of your song and send that info to all open instances of Auto-Tune Pro, plus other important preference settings you should make.

Throughout the rest of the tutorial videos, Marcus goes deep into both Automatic Mode and Graphical Mode, covering each feature and function contained therein, as well as how to use them in a real-world situation.

Moving on, discover how to create both natural sounding vocals and heavily affected performances with that “Auto-Tuned” sound. Wrapping it up, Marcus goes over ARA integration with your DAW, showing you the benefits and different workflows.

For more detail on what each tutorial in this series teaches you and how it can help you learn Auto-Tune, see the individual tutorial descriptions on this page. If you’re new to Antares’ industry standard Auto-Tune Pro, or just want to get the most from it, this series of tutorial videos is the one to watch… Learn powerful skills with “Auto-Tune Pro Explained®” today!

Pass – @#$%^&*(hg!~)


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